450 Robinson Street, Walkerton

Enter through the north double doors, use the stairs on the left hand side inside the door to get to the gym. All footwear is to be left in the hallway, no roaming the building.


League Convenor: Luke B

*Remainder of schedule will be posted later this week.

2022/23 Winter Season Scores

Team W L T GF GA Rank
Richardsons     1 7 7 3
Webers     1 7 7 3
RKS 1     9 5 1
HEC   1   5 9 5
Willies 1     4 3 2
Doucet   1   3 4 4

*Updated January 17, 2023 

 Player’s Code of Conduct
  • I understand that the Adult Futsal league is a recreational league
  • I understand that I hold responsibility for the safety of myself and those around me
  • I understand that the overall goal of this league is to promote adults living healthy active lifestyles
  • I will play fairly
  • I will play soccer because I want to, not because others want me to
  • I will play by the laws of the game and within the spirit of the game
  • I will respect my teammates, coaches, opponents, match officials, and spectators
  • I will communicate with my captain so they know when I can attend games and practices
  • I agree to put my best effort in at practice as well as games
  • I will arrive on time and be prepared to play by having all the proper equipment and removing any jewelry
  • I will ensure that I have good knowledge of the laws of the game, as Futsal differs from outdoor soccer
  • I will find a replacement for my goalie shift if I am unavailable, and notify the league convenor
  • I understand there may be fines or disciplinary actions for serious infractions within the game
This league is being run by the 3 Strike system. An Executive Member or a League Convenor will talk to you regarding your incidents. Upon the 3rd, you will be removed from the league.

Adult Rec Futsal Monday nights THROUGHOUT the fall and winter

This league is open to adults and students from grade 9 and up. Registration is on a first come first serve basis as the league can only support 80 players.
This league is a pick-up league and players will be sorted into even teams by the convenors after the 2 registration nights. There is a wide range of player experience, age, and skill, so good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Putting other players in danger or acting in an inappropriate manner will not be tolerated.
League is run with the help of a lot of volunteerism, so please help out by indicating your ability to play goal or help with equipment set up/take down.
All players are required to wear shin guards, socks, and non-marking shoes.

Team Captain Duties


As a team captain, it means accepting an extra level of responsibility for your team. As a team captain for Adult Electrical Futsal, you are responsible for:

  • Fair and equal playing time of all players
    • This means calling players off when they have over stayed their time on the court
  • Fair calls
    • There are no referees, thus you need to help your team make fair calls for the safety and enjoyment of all players
  • Game starts on time
    • Start Clock at the beginning of each half
  • Team inclusion
  • Score from the winning team gets reported to Sarah
    • Scores need to be reported within 24 hours of the game.
  • Emergency Contacts
    • You will receive a list of emergency contact numbers for your team members, in case of an emergency
  • Jersey Record
    • Recording the number inside the jersey of each player to help in the return process at the end of the season
  • Occasional assistance in bringing equipment to first games/ cleaning up equipment at the end of the night on the last game